DAY ONE: Write about Sunday Afternoon

Write about a Sunday Afternoon:

This prompt is  doing nothing for me.  Sunday afternoons are a crap shoot.  Some weeks, I’m feeling really good.  My house is clean, I’ve been to church and cooked a fabulous meal that we all shared at the dining room table.  Lately, Sunday afternoons have been nothing like that.  Lately, I haven’t gone to church, my house actually smells a little and the kids haven’t come over for dinner since the temperature rose above 80 degrees. 

This past Sunday, we had the pleasure of attending the County Fair.  Mind you, we’d been there every day since Tuesday.  It’s also July in Iowa and if it’s not raining it’s humid enough to make you wish it would.  The kids had cattle at the fair to be shown during the course of the week, so daily we showed up to check on the cows and the kids who were camping.  It works out well for them, and we don’t have to be there as much during the days because the kids can make sure the animals’ needs are being met.  So Sunday we headed to the fair for what was sure to be the best day, since the cattle were now safely nestled back in the barn at home and we had next to no responsibilities. 

We arrived shortly before noon only to find out that the event we came for was not scheduled until 3:00.  Not to be deterred, we decided to go ahead and look at the exhibits in the 4-H hall, as well as the other entries around the fair grounds.  We also ate a turkey drumstick (tasty, but you have to pick the food out of your teeth for the rest of the day), some tacos (it’s not that weird, the hispanic population and the ratio of mexican themed restaraunts is quite high in town) and for myself a footlong corndog.  Realizing I’d never been to an Endurocross race, we decided to take in some of the action.  It was great timing because we got there in time to watch the finals.  Just after that, we headed into the 4H building again to watch the awards as they were handed out.  The Boy got his Showmanship award for showing the goats, as well as some great scholarship money for his performance in Premier Exhibitor.  After an hour passed, we finally got dismissed and headed over to the track again – this time for trailer races.  Oh how fun it is to watch crazy drivers follow each other around a track to try to dislodge the competition’s trailers from their vehicles.  Nothing too exciting this year (last year at least three vehicles ended up upside down) but still fun. 

As the races wound down, we headed down the midway to take our very first Ferris Wheel ride together.  It was sweet, but I realized at the top that we hadn’t even kissed each other all day.  Even when we did, it was a little awkward because My Man was a tiny bit scared of me rocking the seat.  LOL!  After that we headed toward the car stopping for kettle corn and a lemon shake up.  By this time it was almost 5:00, and – in my mind – the end of the afternoon.

But the evening is when the not-so-fun stuff happened…


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