DAY ONE(2): Write about Sunday Afternoon

Let’s begin again. 

Yesterday I fell off the wagon. 

I promised myself on Valentine’s Day that I wasn’t going to bring up the M word again.  (You’ll notice that this blog was supposed to be a substitute for that conversation, but how long has it been since I wrote last?) 

I made a valliant effort for a few weeks but here we are again.


On another note, I don’t know if Tim & Amy are going to make it.  Turns out tall dark and handsome just strolled into her life.  This prompt fits a scene in their unwritten love affair – one near the very near the end:

Chris towared over the 7 and 8 year old girls he was coaching.  At 6’5″, he would tower over most of them when they were full grown, but the way they all tilted their heads way back to watch and listen attentively was absolutely endearing.  Amy watched from the doorway of the gym as the handsome coach explained the plan of the day.  The girls each had a ball under one arm, listening to the drills that they would be running.  When he finished, Chris looked up and caught Amy’s eye.  “That’s it girls,” he said, not breaking his stare, “line up!”

As the players lined up on one end of the gym, Chris walked over to the bench on the side closest to Amy.  She met him halfway and couldn’t miss the smile he was only half trying to hide behind the whistle that had now met his lips.  With a quick thweet, he set the girls in motion dribbling up and down the court.  After a single, quick tap of his stopwatch, he motioned for Amy to sit down.  “I wasn’t sure if you would make it.”

Amy felt a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth as she said, “I promised Kate and Tinley I would be here.”  She felt the brush of his arm against hers that had become all too familiar in the week that she’d known him.  She was trying to convince herself as much as him that she was really only here for the twins.  From the looks of it, he wasn’t buying it any more than she was.  “Is there anything I can do?”

Chris considered suggesting they join the girls in a scrimmage, but then again he had already noticed how she was dressed.  A modestly revealing sundress that flared out over her hips and touched just above her knees with wedge heels.  “Let me think,” he finally replied, but not before taking another luxurious journey from head to toe.  “I’m not sure I can challenge to to much basketball in those shoes.  Maybe you can just be a cheerleader.”

“I bet you’d like that” she replied coquettishly.  Just then the stopwatch around his neck started to beep and with another blow of the whistle the girls were allowed to stop their running.  “Water break!”

On their way to find water, Kate and Tinley spotted Amy sitting next to Chris and ran over to greet her.  “Are you here to watch us play?” Kate asked as Tinley nearly interruped to say “Do you want to play with us?” 

Amy leaned down to hug both girls and said “Well, I probably wouldn’t be much good at a regular game, but maybe we can all practice our free throws.  What do you think coach?” 

“I think we could work that into practice.  Why don’t we make two teams and have a free throw contest.  Amy and I will split up and you guys can team up with us.”  Chris called the rest of the girls over and introduced Amy.  After a few minutes of calling out teams, and a few arguments between Kate and Tinley about who would get to be on Amy’s team, the two adults and the 25 girls found themselves at opposite foul lines.  At the whistle, Amy and Chris led their teams into taking shots, one person at a time, for five minutes.  In the end, both teams claimed they won but neither would believe they other because they hadn’t allowed for an impartial scorekeeper. 

By the time they were ready to line up and try again, Chris realized it was time for practice to end.  “Girls, let’s put the balls away and head home!”  Pink sneaker and ponytails were flying to the ball rack in no time and Chris was once again surrounded by bodies half his size. 

“Hey, Chris,”  Amy called out.  “I gotta get going!”  Walking through the crowd, Amy moved to give him a high five and congratulate his good game.  “Stay cool.”

Instead of the high five though, Chris returned with a move to hold her hand in his.  “Wait, please.”  He said, questioningly.  “Let me walk you out.”

Amy’s heart immediately felt light and she could feel her cheeks begin to burn.  She hardly trusted herself to be along with this man, but she also couldn’t leave without telling him goodbye.  A few minutes later, the girls had all headed out to meet the cars there to pick them up and Chris walked over to the bench where Amy was waiting.  He casually held out his hand and she took it, comortale and easy, and allowed him to help her stand.  They exited through a door on the opposite side as the parents and walked in relative seclusion.  Without a word, he slipped his arm around her and she nestled in to the side of his body.  Everything about him felt so right, but she knew it was so wrong.  She shouldn’t be feeling the way she did.  They walked like that, silently entwined with her head nearly touching his shoulder and his arm draped around her back, pulling her close. 

He spoke first.  “Is this really goodbye?”

“I don’t know how it can be anything else, Chris.”  Amy said, not able to look up at him.  “No matter what happens when I get home or when Carrie gets back, this isn’t the right time.”

“Then I’ve just got to do this,”  Chris said.  He stopped and gently turned Amy to him, “in case I never get the chance again.”  She was looking up at him now, and suddenly aware that he was going to kiss her.  Instead of pulling away or trying to stop him, she leaned into him and greeted his kiss with warmth and fervor.  The passion that errupted in her was powerful and instant.  This is the fireworks that peopole talk about she thought.  Their kiss lingered and she found her arms working up around his neck.  Her lips parted and their tongues met, igniting a hotter spark than had been there before. 

(sadly we are out of time, and I’ll have to continue this scene for some other prompt!)


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