Annalii opened her eyes to see that Daniel was quietly sleeping. Sam, too, was resting peacefully for the moment. She decided to take this opportunity to slip into the bathing room for a well needed shower. The room was just a few steps away. It was the same place she and Daniel had gone to retrieve drinking water. The room was quite large, with waterfalls coming in on the far wall. The crashing sounds made the room noisy as well.

The waterfalls fell in one of two ways. The first and larger of the two fell directly into a trough that had been carved from the stone and surrounded the room. It allowed for people to retrieve the water for drinking, cooking, and other uses that lent themselves to cold and stored water. The smaller fall, further across the room, was kept high above. The water collected into a pool three-fourths of the way up the room. That pool fell in the middle of the beam of incoming light. The sun was able, most of the day, to warm the water that collected there. Slowly, as the basin was over-filled, the water then flowed over the side and into fashioned metal trough that ran along the wall. At three different places that water came down through a narrow pipe to form a shower. Each of these areas had been walled off by material to provide some privacy.

Annalii stepped into one of these areas and began to remove her clothes. They could also use a good washing, but that would not be done today. She gently laid them out beyond the curtain and stepped into the stream of warmed water. She looked around and found no soap with which to wash, but merely let the warmth of the water relax her. She let it flow through her long golden hair and over her skin. She knew she shouldn’t be long. Sam may need more medical attention or Daniel may wake and wonder where she was.


Sometimes these prompts just don’t do anything for me.

This was one of those prompts.



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