Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind

The timer has been started.  It begins.   I will now write with no sense of direction or road map.  I can’t help but correct my typos though.  That is the hardest part about stream of conciousness writing!  My ring is turnng around my finger again.  It usually happens right aftger I wash my hands, which I just did.  I keep washing my hands because I have Blue Kote on my left hand and it looks like I tried to punch a brick wall or something.  Ihave been feeling stressed and down lately, but not punch a brick wall down!  I have one long fingernail.  It is the pinky of my left hand.  I wonder when it will break like th rest.  It’s almost so long it’s becoming painful to type with that hand.  But I won’t cut it.  Silly, I know.

Today is another slow day at the bank.  I guess I”m glad I have a place to pass my time!  I just stopped typing.  My mind went blank!  I am a really bad speller!  I also over use exclamation makrs.  And parentheses!  See, if this was an edited entry, I would have inserted parenthese around that last sentence fragment.  Because it would be clever.  I once thought about naming a blog parenthetically speaking.  It would fit me.  I talk about myself a lot.  I will endeavor to talk about other things now.

The perfect little tree outside my office window has grown so big.  It’s not a perfect as it once was.  It is still pretty to look at.  I wonder what kind of tree it is.  It sits on the property of Core fitness.  I used to belong to that gym.  I found it hard to make time to go before or after work however since I have to drive almost 30 minutes to get home.  The sky is really cloudy today.  The weather is so comfortable.  It is only supposed to be in the 70s through the end of the week.  I just spent far too long correcting the spelling on my last sentence.  My computer works very slowly so it doens’t always keep up with what I am writing.

It has been only 6 minutes.  I don’t even know what I should write about for the next 14.  I do enjoy writing though.  I enjoy going back over my entries.  Usually it seems that if I wait about a year befor reading them again I feel like I’m visiting old friends.  It always makes me want to write more.  I want to visit JOhn & Jill and Daniel & Annalii and all the rest again.  The stories change so much in a year though.  Right now I think I could write a lot about Mr Darcy and Elizabteh Bennett (Pride & Prejudice) and their similarities to Christian Grey & Anna Steele.  Maybe I’m the only one who sees it.  I just think Darcy & Grey have similarities that can’t be missed.  They are both rich.  They are both handsome.  They both have singular attitudes toward the women they wish to persue.  (PAUSE)

That is the dangerin writing these posts while at work.  Usually I have splenty of free time, but occasionally a customer will actually come in for a visit and interrupt my stream of conciousness.  How rude!  Notreally.  That looks like a good two words turned one word term for me start using.  Notreally.  But notreally – because I hate lazy writing.  Even in my text messages I can’t bear to use this like 4 for for, u2 for You too, etc.  I am really ahving a hard time not correcting myself.

Remember when I wasnot going to talk about myself anymore?  So it’s almost lunchtime.  I need to go out a buy some stuff to help treat my poor dog’s flea and tick problem.  I found a hot spot on him last night under his collar.  He has just been full of ticks so I[‘m sure that’s part ofr the porlbem.  I plan to ive him a flea bath, which will be sun cince he weighs over 100 punds.  He needs a lot of grooming tonight.  Usually great pyrenees do not require much grooming, but he has been running through fields and woods and is covered with burrs and dirt.  So he will be getting a bath, a good brushing and a hair cut.  Probably in the rverse order.  Poor babyjust looks miserable.  So I’m gonig to be dropping some cash on some supplies.  Look out pet store!  I enjoyed taking my younger dog to the pet store last week after hsi stay at the vet.  I ohpe to get this one well trained enough to walk around on dragging me everywhere.

Okay, 20 minutes is a long time to be writing without a prompt or purpose3.  I have hand saped post it notes on my deak.  I kind of love office supplies.  That’s about the only exciting type of office supply I have right now though.  Oh ggeez – one of the most annoying customers just walked in (PAUSE)  Well because of the two customer interruptions, I am now at my lunch tuime wihtough having completed 20 full minutes of writing.  I guess I don’t get an A on Day One!


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