Writing 101, Day Four: The Serial Killer

Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

Some things you’ll never forget like your first kiss, the smell of your favorite sweater and the sound of your loved one’s laughter. For Allie it was the way her best friend’s voice shook the night he called her in the middle of the night.

“She’s gone,” was all he said.

Allie pulled the phone away to check the time.  It was 3:15am.  Sitting up, she spoke into the phone, “Matthew?  What’s going on?”

He began to sob softly, and Allie’s concern grew.  “Matthew, talk to me.  Who is gone?”  Her mind had just begun to wander when he took a deep breath and spoke.

“Sarah.”  He said between shaky breaths. “She was in an accident tonight.  She didn’t make it.”

Allie felt like she had been punched in the gut.  While Sarah wasn’t an incredibly close friend, Matthew was one of the dearest people of her life.  Hearing he had lost his wife was shocking to say the least.  “What happened?  Are the kids okay?  Are you okay?”  Allie’s words kept coming out faster as her concern for the family grew.

Matthew slowly explained the general facts about the accident.  Sarah had left the house late in the evening to pick up formula for the baby.  The other driver had run through a red light and hit the driver side of her van directly.  The children and Matthew were at home when it happened.  With few words and many pauses for breath the story was told.  After some time, Allie and Matthew fell silent.  She sat there on the edge of her bed wondering what could be done for her dear friend.

“Mattie?”  It was a voice and a nickname she used only in their most intimate moments.  “What can I do for you?”

“Pray,” he said with a slight chuckle.  “But what I really want would be…”

She waited, not wanting to push him.  After a few moments, she prompted, “What is it?  You know I’ll do anything for you.”

“Could you just…” he started, “be here?”

“There’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be.  Get some sleep.  I’ll be there before you know it.”

Author’s Note:

In keeping with the true nature of WTTIW, I’ve decided to take some of these prompts and write about the stories and characters that are scattered throughout.  Today’s bit is part 1 of a 3 part series about this tragedy as told from different points of view.


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