DAY FIFTEEN: It’s Saturday afternoon, you’re not at home.

Allie had spent the afternoon shopping along the downtown shops she loved.  They were a part of her beloved small hometown.  She held shopping bags full of knick knacks, antiques and fresh flowers.  Some were destined for her home, but most she had plans for in her shop.  The bell announced her entrance as the girls looked up from the counter. 

“Allie!”  Michelle exclaimed as she passed through the front door.  “You won’t believe the afternoon we’ve had!”

“What’s going on?”  Allie inquired with a broadening grin.  “Has it been busy?  I’m sorry I left you alone, I didn’t know we’d have such a rush on a…”

“No!  That’s not it, it’s been fine!”  Lindsey chimed in.  “There has been some activity, though.  Come with me!” 

Lindsey and Michelle both headed down the hall to Allie’s office.  There was clearly something Allie was missing.  These two were always a little silly, but this was beyond the norm.  Standing on either side of her office door, the two ladies couldn’t help giggling,  Michelle was the first to speak, “Go on in!”

Allie stood, looking between the two faces that were lit up like Christmas.  With a sigh and a look of wonder, she opened her office door.  Nothing could have prepared her for the sight before her.  The small room was filled with all the normal equipment of the office for the small formal wear shop, but there was more; so much more.  Before Allie’s eyes, she found vase after vase full of beautiful yellow roses.  She couldn’t keep her jaw from falling open at the sight of so many beautiful blooms. 

“Could you just die?”  Michelle said from the doorway.  Allie had no answer.  She walked to  the closest arrangement and lightly palmed one of the flowers. 

“We counted,”  said Lindsey, “there are ONE HUNDRED roses in this room!  We so desperately wanted to read the card but of course we didn’t.”   With that, she handed Allie the small envelope from the florist. 

Allie could see it was still sealed.  She held it before her eyes with wonder.  There was no way she could begin to guess who they were from.  She and Marcus hadn’t spoken in months and there was no one new in her life.  Could Marcus have decided to pursue her again.  She didn’t think her heart could take it.  Finally, she opened the envelope after some hesitation.  It read:

Dearest Allie,

I have 101 reasons to sorry.  You I was so wrong last year.  Please forgive me, my friend forever.


As she read the words, she heard the front door open again.  She thought about the flowers, the 100 flowers and had no further moment to think about the reference as Matthew’s form filled her doorway. 

“I said 101.”  Matthew was there, holding a single red rose.  What could this mean?


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