Writing 101: Your Voice Will Find You

Okay, my muse has up and deserted me.  This is the third prompt in a row that has completely befuddled me.  (Yes, doubters, I really do use the word “befuddled”). Is it really that hard to come up with an event I would hate to have cancelled forever?  Apparently, it is.

So I gave this some thought over my lunch hour. A few things came to mind as possibilities: Iowa Hawkeye football games, our annual Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Eve service at church and others all a few others but none really made sense. I mean, how would any of those even get cancelled or taken over by evil forces? Maybe I’m just not being imaginative enough.

Finally, something did come to mind.  It’s not an event or even a big important occurrence, but it seemed like something that would work.  Recently, a commercial customer of mine (I work at a bank) came in and told me his restaurant was closing. Now I used to eat at this establishment at least once a week and truly enjoyed it.  That was years ago.  In the past few years, I have probably only been in their 3 or 4 times. Still, when he came to me with the news, I immediately thought it was all my fault.  I thought, “Wow, if I’d only gone there more often, maybe they would have had enough business to stay open.”

Of course I know that’s nonsense.  How would the presence of one additional customer really make a difference?  But this is how I think, like all of the time.  You know all of those competition shows on television that ask you to call in and vote for your favorite? If I don’t call in, and my favorite goes home, I feel guilty because my vote could have made the difference.  If a fundraiser doesn’t meet their goal, I feel guilty for not contributing, even if it was never of any interest to me in the first place!  When I see that an animal shelter has a pet to rehome, and they’re in Texas or Oregon or some other far-off place from my home in Iowa, I feel bad that I can’t give the fur ball a place to live.

So, if I had been able to come up with some event that would absolutely crush me to know I could never attend again, I know exactly how I’d feel.  I would know it was all my fault.


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