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Amy stood looking out over the golf course. To Chris, she looked asleep on her feet, but when he walked up to her she turned to him with a bright smile. “Hey there!”

“Hi yourself. You’re chipper this morning. But please, take it down an octave and a few decibels. How are you not completely hung over right now?” Chris asked her.

“Oh please,” she said. Leaning in closer to Chris she added more quietly, “I’m so messed up I can’t even think straight. Here, have a drink.” Amy passed her coffee mug to Chris.

“No thanks, not really a coffee kind of guy. May go for some water though”

“Don’t be silly. It’s not coffee.” Amy said, putting the cup in Chris’s hand. “Drink it.”

Chris sniffed the cup and realized at once that he was smelling tomato juice. He gladly took a healthy pull of the drink and looked at her with surprise and satisfaction. “I underestimated you. Where’d you get that? The bar doesn’t open until 10.”

Amy picked up her golf bag, opened the side zipper and pulled out thermos. “More where that came from, partner. Go get yourself a cup and let’s hit the links.”

When Chris got back, Amy was once again staring out into the horizon. She seemed lost in thought, so Chris stood quietly beside her. “What’cha looking at?”

“I was just noticing the moon. See it there, just about the horizon? It’s been slowly setting since the sun came up. As it gets closer to the horizon, it gets paler. But it’s still there, and it’s still beautiful.” Amy stopped for a minute, thinking. “Life’s like that sometimes, ya know? Sometimes one thing doesn’t go away before a new one appears. They’re both there, and they’re both in the right place, even though they shouldn’t be there together.”

Chris couldn’t quite tell what she was talking about, but had a feeling it had to do with him. He didn’t have the chance to persue the topic further, however. Just then Catherine and Tom and the rest of the party joined them and got ready to start the day.

DAY ONE(2): Write about Sunday Afternoon

Let’s begin again. 

Yesterday I fell off the wagon. 

I promised myself on Valentine’s Day that I wasn’t going to bring up the M word again.  (You’ll notice that this blog was supposed to be a substitute for that conversation, but how long has it been since I wrote last?) 

I made a valliant effort for a few weeks but here we are again.


On another note, I don’t know if Tim & Amy are going to make it.  Turns out tall dark and handsome just strolled into her life.  This prompt fits a scene in their unwritten love affair – one near the very near the end:

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