DAY SEVENTEEN: Write about a time you found out about something you weren’t supposed to know.

She drifted in a void.  She felt no control over her being.  Would she ever make it back to earth?  Would she ever see him again?

Annalii couldn’t tell how many days passed while her inner consciousness drifted back toward her body.  She wasn’t entirely sure how many days she had even been back.  No one knew she was there.  Her body was still too weak to wake and she spent much of her time asleep.  Even her consciousness seemed to drift away at times.  She didn’t to wake to know what was going on around her.

The team had returned from the rescue mission.  They had successfully found and retrieved Daniel.  He was injured, but he would heal.  Annalii wished she could make the healing happen more quickly, but two things were holding her back.  First, there was the physically barrier of her body not being awake.  More importantly, there was the knowledge she had seen during their last few moments together in the enemy ship.

At the first sound of enemy fire, the captors were off to see what was happening.  This allowed Daniel, and even more so Annalii, a respite from the torture and beatings that were continual companions.  

By now, Daniel was aware of exactly what Annalii had been able to do for him.  When his body no longer felt the pain of the blows he was experiencing, he knew it was because of the healing power of Annalii’s presence.  When the captors were gone, he mentally reached out to her in what would have been a caress if their bodies had been in the same space.  

You can’t take any more of this, Daniel spoke to her with his mind.   

I will not need to.  Your friends are here to rescue you.

What will happen to you?

I believe I will return, in time, to my body.  Perhaps with you there to guide me, I will find my way.

He looked at her then with so many emotions dancing in his blue eyes.  Even without her powers of telepathic communication, Annalii would have known the look of fear, worry and yes – love, that was showing in them.  

If I don’t make it back Daniel, there is something I would really like to share with you now while we have the time.  I don’t know if it’s possible, but I have to try.

With that, Annalii found herself kissing Daniel’s lips in the only way she could.  She knew he would feel so much better if her lips were indeed united with his, but this would have to do.  She deepened her kiss and urged him on to more.  Perhaps they would never know the pleasure of physically making love to one another, but their minds would unite as one before they left this ship.  

As the visions and the sensations heightened, Annalii found herself unable to hold back.  She unwittingly let her powerful mind travel to places Daniel had never shared with her.  Places in his heart and mind where he stored his deepest feelings and closest held secrets.  By the time she realized what she was doing, she couldn’t turn back.  She had to know:  could he love me as deeply and completely as I need him to?

And then she saw it.  The place in his heart where there should be an ocean of love was a dried up waste land.  There was pain there.  It was a place of death and betrayal.  His first and true love was taken from him, killed in spite of all he had done to save her.  

Before she could search for more, Teal’c was in the room with others from Earth in SGC uniforms.  One of them quickly helped Daniel to his feet and the spell was as broken as Annalii’s spirit.  She no longer cared if she made it back to Earth and her body.  She and Daniel could never have the type of union she had always hoped.  

Annalii looked at her healing body.  She had watched her father come and go, working to heal her with his love.  She had seen the doctors of the SGC tend to her wounds.  Now she waited for the one she knew would be able to help her.  When Sam walked in the door, Annalii knew it was time to wake up.


DAY SIXTEEN: Write About a Bed

Daniel stood at the entrance of the network of caves willing the others to appear.  Jack and Teal’c, along with Gregorios, had been gone nearly 4 days now.  Sam was much stronger but still unconscious much of the time.  It was Annalii that worried him however.  She was nearly lifeless as she lay sleeping on the floor.  Even in his attempts to speak telepathically with her he found it difficult to keep up a conversation.  As the sun sank lower on the horizon, he turned back to the caves and returned to the room where Sam and Annalii lay.

“Daniel.”  The weak but familiar voice of Sam greeted him as he entered the room.  “Any sign of Jack?”

After a quick glance to ensure Annalii was stable, Daniel knelt beside Sam and adjusted her furs to keep her warm.  “Nothing yet.  How are you feeling?”

“Sore.  Weak.”  Sam nearly whispered.  “Will you tell me now what happened?”

Although she had been awake much of the day, Daniel had been worried about worrying her with the details.  Now he felt like the company would do him good, though and began to recount the events of the past few days.  “Do you remember arriving?”

Sam shook her head.  “Not really.”

Daniel continued, “We were taking fire as we dialed and entered the gate.  Something went wrong by either a mis-dial or a DHD malfunction because we did not end up on Earth.  You were hit as soon as we came through.  That’s when Annalii,” Daniel paused to wave his hand in the sleeping woman’s direction, “and her father Gregorios appeared out of the forest.  They brought us all into this cave for safety and Annalii began to heal you.”

Sam’s brows furrowed in confusion.  “Heal me?”

“The people of this planet are greatly gifted in certain areas.  Annalii is a powerful healer.  She was able to use nothing more than her own body to heal you so far.  Jack and Teal’c left with Gregorios to return to the village for fresh horses and supplies.  Gregorios feared that travel would be slow because  they would need to avoid detection.  You see, the Goa-ould do not know these people exist.  Well, they suspect but have never found proof.”

“How long?”

“Jack and the others left four days ago.”  Daniel’s face was etched with concern as he looked at Annalii.  He knew she required certain things to keep her strength high enough for the healing process.

Sam followed his gaze and noted his concern.  “How is she?”

Daniel moved to sit beside Annalii.  “She is weak.  I don’t know what her father was bringing her to cause her to regain strength, but I fear the wait has been too long.”  With uncertainty, he reached out and rested his hand on Annalii’s.  Within moments, the rosy glow of her skin returned.  This was soon enhanced with tiny dancing lights above her chest, shoulders and face.  At this, Daniel withdrew his hand.  Immediately the lights disappeared.

“What was that?” Sam asked with renewed energy at such a sight.

“I don’t know.  It hasn’t happened before.”

* * *

Daniel hardly slept that night.  He was constantly waking up to check on both Sam and Annalii.  Occasionally he had been able to speak to Annalii with his mind, but she was so weak it was difficult for him to reach her.  She occasionally asked for something called a tallith.  To Daniel, it seemed to be some shawl or covering she used in her healing.

Daniel was standing at the opening nearest the room where they had been staying.  He was at a cliff opening around halfway up the side of the hillside.  The sun was just beginning to brighten the horizon when he heard, rather than saw, movement below. Quickly, he drew back to avoid being seen.  He hurried back to Sam and Annalii to await whether this be friend or foe.

After a few agonizing minutes, the familiar face of Jack came into the room.  Relief flooded Daniel and he had to keep himself from hugging the man.  Gregorios followed behind.  “Boy am I glad to see you.  What t…”

Gregorios rushed past Daniel, cutting him off mid sentence.  Daniel heard, even if no one else did, the anguished cry from the father’s heart.  Annalii!  My darling, no.

He rushed to her side and threw a large square cloth over her.  The edges were lined in fringe of gold and silver thread.  This must be the tallith Daniel thought.

Without a glance behind him, Gregorios silently answered.  Yes.  How long has she been this way?  He continued to arrange the cloth over Annalii then sat at her head and lifted it into his lap.  

“She’s been slowly growing weaker since the day after you left.  She has been nearly unresponsive since mid-day yesterday.” Daniel answered aloud, knowing Jack would be wondering what was happening.

Gregorios realized the need for speech and when he spoke again it was out loud.  In fact, it was nearly a shout.  “She pushed herself too far.  She always does that.  How could you let her?”

At the noise, Sam awoke and glanced around as if in a daze.  Seeing this, Jack knelt beside her asking how she was feeling.  With weak reassurances, Sam convinced Jack she was better.  Again Gregorios asked Daniel what had happened.

“I did all that you asked.  I gave her the foods you prescribed, brought her fresh water, talked with her and tried to get her to walk.  I didn’t know she was going beyond her limits until it was too late.”

“She… was… amazing.”  Sam said, struggling to sit up.  “I’m sure I wouldn’t be alive if not for her efforts.”

“Can we move them?”  Jack, ever practical, just wanted to get them help.  “There hasn’t been any gate activity for days.  We can go there and get them to the infirmary at SGC.”

“Jack, I think they are both too weak to go anywhere.”  Daniel cautioned.  For the first time, he looked around and noticed Teal’c was not in the room.  “I would suggest Teal’c carry one of them, but I don’t know how we would determine which should go.  By the way, where is Teal’c?”

“He is down below with the horses.”  Gregorios answered.  “Annalii will be fine to travel by horse.  I will take her back to the village myself.  Sam may come as well.  With the support of the village and the other healers, I am sure she will be made well again in no time.”

“Not a chance,” replied Jack.  “We’re heading back to Earth.  Daniel, go tell Teal’c to come carry Sam to the gate.”

Before long, Sam and Annalii had been carried down to the ground level of the caves.

“Jack, I’d like to stay.”  Daniel spoke to Jack as Gregorios tried to arrange Annalii over one of the horses.

“Daniel, don’t argue.  We’re already behind schedule, we don’t even have authorization to be on this planet.”  Jack explained as he loaded more gear into his pack.

“Jack, I think it’s important.  Besides, look at him,” he said, gesturing to Gregorios, “there’s no way he’s going to get her back safely on his own.  I want to stay and learn more about these people.  Besides, I think we owe it to the woman who saved Sam’s life.”

“Might have saved her life,” Jack muttered.  “She’s not out of the woods yet.”  The two men stared wordlessly at one another for a few moments.  With a small nod, Jack finally assented and Daniel was on his way.

Daniel walked beside Annalii’s horse as Gregorios led his own stallion with his daughter laying across the saddle.  The way was long and difficult.  They were forced to travel the well concealed parts of the forest for fear of the Goa’ould’s return.  Their stops were frequent, each time to adjust Annalii’s form.

Could you not ride with her in your arms? Daniel asked Gregorios.

Ah, I could.  But I would fear leaving you to lead the horse alone.  

Daniel considered this.  He wasn’t much of a horseman, but he figured it couldn’t be that bad.  I’ll ride.  Annalii told me of Cupia and how gentle and responsive she is.  We will get there so much faster this way.  

Gregorios nodded and stopped his horse.  Can you take her for a moment?  At Daniel’s agreement, he slipped Annalii from his steed and placed her like a child in Daniel’s arms.  As Gregorios turned back to the horse to climb into the saddle, a glow came again across Annalii’s features.  Before the old man had fully settled himself into the saddle, the dancing lights were back as well.  Even her breathing and heartbeat seemed to get stronger as she rested in Daniel’s arms.

When he finally turned his attention back to his daughter, Gregorios felt confusion and something darker in his heart.  What are you doing?

Bewildered, Daniel looked up at him.  Just holding her.  I mean, nothing.  I mean, I don’t know.  What does this mean?

Just give her to me.  If this is to be explained to her it will need to be from Annalii.

With a little effort, Annalii was placed upright in the saddle before her father.  Soon enough, Daniel was in the saddle on the other horse and they headed swiftly for the village.

Daniel had never seen anything like it.  In all the worlds and all the cultures they had found, he had never seen a complete village, actually more like a city, under a dome in the sea.  When Gregorios led Daniel out over a rocky formation that jutted far out into the water, Daniel had thought him crazy.  Before he had very much time to think on this, the transportation rings had appeared around them, taking them below the water, below the dome.

There wasn’t time now to thoroughly examine his surroundings.  As soon as the rings cleared, Gregorios was on the move again.  They were heading toward a tall silver building in the middle of the village.  Without a sound people came from their homes and began to fall in line behind them.  Many young men and women gathered, none seemed older than 20.  Some were quite young in fact.

They continued without a work into the large building.  Gregorios gently handed Annalii to one of the older boys who had followed them in before dismounting.  Daniel also climbed off his horse and followed the crowd of people into a dark, inner room.  As others flowed in around him, he saw that they each carried a candle with them.  Once inside, they placed the candles on holders along the wall and stepped to the center of the room.  With so many candles, Daniel could now see the room clearly.  In the middle was a tall, ornate bed.  The mattress was raised higher than any bed he had ever seen. It sat on top of four beautifully carved columns.  Each column was nearly six feet tall and was covered with flowers, stars and abstract designs.  Around these columns ran a half wall of about three feet.  The wall was topped with a platform that looked to be about twelve inches wide.

As Daniel looked on, he saw Annalii being hoisted upon the mattress.  Wordlessly, the girls and young women in the room climbed upon the half wall that surrounded the bed, reaching their arms out to lay one hand on Annalii’s still form.  The boys and young men stood beneath the great bed.  Those who could reach placed one hand beneath the mattress as though to support it.  All reached one hand to one of the girls surrounding the bed.  Over all of this, Gregorios stood at the foot of the bed and arranged the tallith over his daughter.

Soon, Daniel could feel something unlike he’d ever felt before.  It was like when Annalii spoke to him with her mind, but it was more like a chorus.  It was a loud hum that he felt rather than heard.  The light in the room grew brighter and the temperature rose.  He wanted to know so much, to ask so many questions, but he sensed that this was important work and didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize it.

Then he heard it, clear as day.  Daniel?  It was Annalii.  She was awake and asking for him.


“Hurry father, catch up!” Annalii laughed over her shoulder at her father as he tried to keep up with her and her horse during their ride through the forest.  Annalii had chosen this path to the caves out of sheer enjoyment of the ride.  Cupia, her horse had been cooped up for too long and Annalii could feel her energy just beginning to break free.   Gregorios, Annalii’s father had urged her to take the safer path, through the densest part of the forest where there was more covering but the horses could not roam free there.  Moreover, they would not have the opportunity to breathe in the fresh air of the open countryside.  Living as they did, in hiding, the opportunity to do so was rare.

Annalii did not even realize they were so close to the ancient door until she heard the strange noises coming from it.  It seemed to be coming to life.  Lights were lighting up all around it.  Gregorios approached quickly from behind and pulled her and Cupia into a hiding place.  Annalii had heard of the strangers who came through the door looking for her people, she knew they were dangerous, but she had never witnessed anything like this.  From her hiding place, Annalii could see the circle explode in something that looked like water.  Immediately, dangerous bursts of energy made their way through the door.  Just as quickly, four forms stepped quickly onto the ground in front of the door.  Three males, one female – the female took a hit from one of the bursts of energy and fell to the ground.

Even without the use of her gifts, Annalii knew this fair haired female was in danger.  She struggled away from her father and ran up to the strangers.  She had heard that the enemies, those looking for signs of life on her world, looked different than her own people.  That they wore armor and often had a symbol displayed on their foreheads.  She had no way of knowing for sure that these strangers were safe, but she felt compelled to do something.  These people had not come in fighting, they had been fought against.

While still a few feet from them, Annalii saw the watery surface of the inside of the doorway disappear, this stopped her with a small gasp.  At the sound, two of the males who had been tending to the injured female looked up, weapons drawn.  Annalii tried to communicate with them, tried to calm their fears, but it seemed they could not hear.  Slowly she started to move toward the injured one.

“Whoa, hold on.”  Said one of the men.  “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I can help her” Annalii replied, walking slowly and steadily toward them.

“Like hell you can” replied the man.

The male who remained bent over the injured person looked up then.  “Jack, you can’t just dismiss someone’s help.  Sam’s in really bad shape.”

“Look Daniel,”  Jack, the apparent leader walked back toward the one who had spoken without moving his eyes or his weapon, “I don’t know who these people are, let alone how we ended up on this planet.  I’m not going to let just anyone walk up to us without a little caution.”

At this point Annalii was stopped by the large, so far silent, man who was holding the other weapon. “I wish you no harm.  Quite the contrary in fact.  I am a healer; I can help your friend.  In fact, I fear without my help she is in grave danger.”

Suddenly, Annalii heard her father’s voice behind her.  “We will all be in danger soon if we remain where we are.  We must move into the caves.”

Annalii immediately began conversing with her father.  Will it be safe?

We have no choice.  You have revealed us to these people and we need to move away from here. 

But how can we know if we can…

It is too late to question yourself now, child.  We must move ourselves, and these strangers, to the caves before the others come. 

“Look buddy, we’re not moving anywhere until we have a better idea of what’s going on.”  Jack spoke over the father-daughter conversation.  “In fact, I say we just head right back home and get out of here.”

“The others will be coming” Gregorios said.  “We can’t be here when they show up.”

“Who will be coming?” Asked the other armed man.  At this, Annalii and Gregorios both looked at him really looked at him, for the first time.  Fear suddenly gripped her as she glimpsed the symbol set into his forehead.  “You.  You are one of them.”

As the man with the gold symbol looked on, Gregorios stood his ground before his daughter.  “You will not take her without a fight.”

“Teal’c,” Jack said, walking over the man, “are you starting a fight again?”

“I am not.  These people have mistaken me for my previous comrades.”  Teal’c replied.  Turning his attention back to the father and daughter, “You are hiding from the goa’ould?”

Gregorios replied, “We do not know them by this name, but we know they are dangerous and come with warriors who look like you. We must all leave this area immediately.”

Jack shrugged at the warning, “we’ve stood up to these guys plenty of times.  You all should try it; fighting back that is.”

“You don’t understand,” Gregorios explained, “we don’t hide for fear of the fight.  We hide because they do not have any proof we exist.  We must maintain this secrecy if we are to remain.”

“Jack,” Daniel called from his position next to the injured woman, “Sam’s lost consciousness.  Whatever we’re going to do, we need to do now.”

Annalii looked intently into Jack’s eyes, trying with all her might to communicate with him in her most natural way.  Please, let me help her.  Whether it was a response to her plea or not, Jack gave the slightest nod and let her pass.  Annalii knelt on the ground next to the woman, seeing the greatest of her injuries had occurred around her abdomen.  The wounds were bleeding heavily and the flesh and even muscle was torn and charred in many places.  “I don’t know if we can move her.  I need to do something to give her strength.”

“We don’t have time,” Gregorios said, walking up behind her.  “We need to put her on your horse and walk her in the long way.”

“No, there’s not enough time.  She must be treated within the hour.  I must strengthen her now and bring her in through the underground.”

“They will be upon us before you can do that!”

“For crying out loud!” exclaimed Jack.  “We’re done arguing with you, can we just move?”

“Perhaps if one of you could carry her, and come with me into the caves.  We can go the shorter route and I will be able to minister to her sooner.”

“Fine,” Jack answered quickly.  “Teal’c you go with her, carry Sam where she needs to go but be careful.”

Daniel stood quickly, mere inches from Annalii’s face, “Are you sure she can be moved?”

For a moment all Annalii could do was stare into his blue eyes.

The intense worry for his friend was evident on his face, in the depth of his eyes.  She could feel an instant connection with him that the others had not brought from her.  Without turning away she answered him, “I will make sure she is safe.  Leave her in my hands.”

Annalii moved to be closer to the side of the injured woman.  Kneeling on the ground, she placed her arms in a rough circle above the worst of the wounds.  The weapon’s blast had torn a hole as big as both of Annalii’s hands and deep enough to expose muscle, tissue and small area of bone near the woman’s hip.  The blue eyed man had placed a stip of cloth against the wound to slow the bleeding, but as Annalii peeled it back the wound was open again.  With as much power as she dared give this early in the game, she worked to create a protective shield around the injuries.  Her energy created warmth and a slight glow as she worked, trying to isolate the damage and stabilize the patient.  Within moments, she stood and gave the signal that she was ready to move.  The large man who seemed to be known as Teal’c easily scooped up the slight blond woman and looked to Annalii to guide them.  With one last moment of concern, Annalii started off across the field toward the hidden entrance to the network of caves.