DAY SEVENTEEN: Write about a time you found out about something you weren’t supposed to know.

She drifted in a void.  She felt no control over her being.  Would she ever make it back to earth?  Would she ever see him again?

Annalii couldn’t tell how many days passed while her inner consciousness drifted back toward her body.  She wasn’t entirely sure how many days she had even been back.  No one knew she was there.  Her body was still too weak to wake and she spent much of her time asleep.  Even her consciousness seemed to drift away at times.  She didn’t to wake to know what was going on around her.

The team had returned from the rescue mission.  They had successfully found and retrieved Daniel.  He was injured, but he would heal.  Annalii wished she could make the healing happen more quickly, but two things were holding her back.  First, there was the physically barrier of her body not being awake.  More importantly, there was the knowledge she had seen during their last few moments together in the enemy ship.

At the first sound of enemy fire, the captors were off to see what was happening.  This allowed Daniel, and even more so Annalii, a respite from the torture and beatings that were continual companions.  

By now, Daniel was aware of exactly what Annalii had been able to do for him.  When his body no longer felt the pain of the blows he was experiencing, he knew it was because of the healing power of Annalii’s presence.  When the captors were gone, he mentally reached out to her in what would have been a caress if their bodies had been in the same space.  

You can’t take any more of this, Daniel spoke to her with his mind.   

I will not need to.  Your friends are here to rescue you.

What will happen to you?

I believe I will return, in time, to my body.  Perhaps with you there to guide me, I will find my way.

He looked at her then with so many emotions dancing in his blue eyes.  Even without her powers of telepathic communication, Annalii would have known the look of fear, worry and yes – love, that was showing in them.  

If I don’t make it back Daniel, there is something I would really like to share with you now while we have the time.  I don’t know if it’s possible, but I have to try.

With that, Annalii found herself kissing Daniel’s lips in the only way she could.  She knew he would feel so much better if her lips were indeed united with his, but this would have to do.  She deepened her kiss and urged him on to more.  Perhaps they would never know the pleasure of physically making love to one another, but their minds would unite as one before they left this ship.  

As the visions and the sensations heightened, Annalii found herself unable to hold back.  She unwittingly let her powerful mind travel to places Daniel had never shared with her.  Places in his heart and mind where he stored his deepest feelings and closest held secrets.  By the time she realized what she was doing, she couldn’t turn back.  She had to know:  could he love me as deeply and completely as I need him to?

And then she saw it.  The place in his heart where there should be an ocean of love was a dried up waste land.  There was pain there.  It was a place of death and betrayal.  His first and true love was taken from him, killed in spite of all he had done to save her.  

Before she could search for more, Teal’c was in the room with others from Earth in SGC uniforms.  One of them quickly helped Daniel to his feet and the spell was as broken as Annalii’s spirit.  She no longer cared if she made it back to Earth and her body.  She and Daniel could never have the type of union she had always hoped.  

Annalii looked at her healing body.  She had watched her father come and go, working to heal her with his love.  She had seen the doctors of the SGC tend to her wounds.  Now she waited for the one she knew would be able to help her.  When Sam walked in the door, Annalii knew it was time to wake up.


DAY ONE – I Can Imagine

Laughing through tears at another tale of his youth, Jillian said, “I can imagine what you were like when you were young.”  She and John as they watched the stars from the balcony of Atlantis. 

“Am I so old now?’  John asked.  The twinkle in his eye was matched only by unruliness of his hair. 

“Incredibly old.  You need to remember, you’re a full 8 months older than I am.  Those eight months have apparently been hard on you.” 

John reached out and grabbed her hand.  “It’s the eight years since I last saw you that have been hard on me.”

Jillian looked away but continued to allow John to hold her hand.  He had no idea how hard it had been.  Walking away from John had been the hardest decision she could have made.  But it never would have worked.  She couldn’t remember the thoughts that went through her mind when she had made that decision.  She only knew how happy she was now to have another chance with him.  His gentle squeeze against her palm brought her attention back to the man lounging next to her.  She could see in the warmth of his face that he held no bitterness for their long separation.  He was also happy to be back together. 

Jillian lounged alongside John, pulling up close to him.  The metal beneath them was cool and hard, but the comfort of John’s arms made everything warm and cozy.  “So help me out.  Paint my imagination, John.  Tell me about John Sheppard on a typical night growing up.”

He laughed and settled himself into a more comfortable position.  Resting his back against a post, John drew Jillian into his arms and began slowly:

“I was a shy, quiet teenager.”

Jillian turned around with an incredulous look on her face.  John chuckled again, squeezed her tight.  “I haven’t always been the cocky man you know and love.”