You’re in a motel room

Allie headed back upstairs to her room to get ready for the party.  So many things were running through her mind that she didn’t know how she would focus on getting dressed.  See absolutely couldn’t wait to see Marcus tonight.  His flight didn’t get in for another hour, and Allie couldn’t stop thinking that he would be late to the party.  She tried not to worry too much about it, but she really wanted tonight to be perfect for David & Martha.

Even higher on her mind though, was seeing Matthew tonight.  After not speaking to each other for months, they had started off on a good note last night when he showed up at the ballroom.  It was going very well in fact until he noticed the ring.  She had already decided she wouldn’t wear it tonight.  She didn’t care that Matthew was upset about the engagement, she just didn’t want to have her upcoming marriage overshadow the one they were here to celebrate tonight.

Back inside her room again, she drew a warm bath in the soaking tub and sank in.  She lay her head back against the cool tub and waited for the warm water to melt her stress away.  She was thankful for the small travel candle she had brought with her.  Actually, it had been a gift from Marcus when she kissed him goodbye at the airport.  It had come with a sleep mask and fuzzy socks.  The whole thing had made her feel so warm and special.  She allowed herself a 10 minute soak before she got up and dressed.

Exhausted, she let herself into her hotel room and fell onto the bed.  The night had fallen apart.  She still couldn’t tell whether Matt had let the secret slip on purpose or if he truly didn’t mean it, but once the party found out that she and Marcus were engaged everything shifted.  At first it was fun to be on the receiving end of the attention, but then Marcus disappeared.  He came back about an hour later acting like someone new.  The fight that ensued between him and Matthew was loud, ugly and driven as much by alchohol as by envy.  Allie never knew until tonight how jealous her fiance was of the frienship and misplaced feelings that had been between her and his brother.

She hadn’t seen him standing on the balcony and jumped when she heard the door slide open.  There was just enough light from outside to reveal the identity of the man in her room.

“Marcus!”  Allie gasped, sitting up in bed.  “You scared me half to death.  Where have you been?”

gah!  I have run out of time today without making any real progress.  It’s been so long since I wrote the Matthew/Allie/Marcus draft that it took awhile today to find my voice.  I think tomorrow I’ll give another go at this prompt with the second half of this attempt.