“A YEAR AFTER YOUR DEATH,…” (after Czelaw Milosz)

A year after your death will be a year too long

for this world to exist without you in it

You were a light in this world

Not just to the world,

my world

You were gone too soon

With your passing

A light went out inside of me

I am darker because you are gone

I still hear your laughter

feel the softness of your cheek

see your hands working

a crossword puzzle

a flower garden

a knitting needle

braids into the hair of a little girl

Sometimes that little girl is me

A year after your death I will be older

but still that little girl

That little girl will still cry

will still grieve

will still miss you

A year after your death your phone number

will be given to someone else

I will call it

but I will not hear the sweet surprise in your voice

as I did every time I said hello

I will experience




family traditions

I will carry on with the things you taught me

I will find you in them

I will smell fresh baked pie

and I will find you

I will see daisies blowing in the breeze

and I will find you

I will hear the birds singing in springtime

and I will find you

I will feel love from far away

and I will find you

a year after your death