Master List

DAY ONE:  Write about Sunday Afternoon

DAY TWO:  “Some things you’ll never forget.”

DAY THREE:  Write about a cold snap. or You’re standing in a doorway.

DAY FOUR:  “A year after your death,…”  (after Czelaw Milosz)

DAY FIVE:  Write about a day moon

DAY SIX:  Write about bathing

DAY SEVEN:  When no one was looking

DAY EIGHT:  It’s what I do in the middle of the night

DAY NINE:  Write about a ceremony

DAY TEN:  Write about a wound

DAY ELEVEN:  You’re in a motel room 

DAY TWELVE:  Write about acceptable losses

DAY THIRTEEN:  After midnight

DAY FOURTEEN:  Write about the horizon

DAY FIFTEEN:  It’s Saturday afternoon, you’re not at home. or this Jack&Jill one.  I’m not sure why I wrote this prompt twice.

DAY SIXTEEN:  Write about a bed

DAY SEVENTEEN:  Write about a time you found out about something you weren’t supposed to know.

DAY EIGHTEEN:  “It was noon and nothing was concluded.”  (after Donald Rawley)

DAY NINETEEN:  Remember a sound.

DAY TWENTY:  Look out your window; write what you see.

DAY TWENTY-ONE:  Write about something you bought mail order.

DAY TWENTY-TWO:  In the meantime….

DAY TWENTY-THREE:  Write a love letter.  To anyone.

DAY TWENTY-FOUR:  Write about leaving


DAY TWEMTY-SIX:  Describe the contents of someone’s closet.

DAY TWEMTY-SEVEN:  Write about a used car

DAY TWEMTY-EIGHT:  Write about,”the sky you were born under” (after Joy Harjo)

DAY TWEMTY-NINE:  The end of the day

DAY THIRTY:  Write about a forbidden activity

DAY THIRTY-ONE:  “The first time I wore _____________”

DAY THIRTY-TWO:  Write about a kiss.

DAY THIRTY-THREE:  Find your way in a city.

DAY THIRTY-FOUR:  These are the things women know about love.

DAY THIRTY-FIVE:  Write about a black-and-white photograph.

DAY THIRTY-SIX:  “When I awoke the next morning”

DAY THIRTY-SEVEN:  Write about a stranger.

DAY THIRTY-EIGHT:  “Everybody loves the sound of a train in the distance.  Everybody thinks it’s true.” (after Paul Simon)

DAY THIRTY-NINE  Write about a river.

DAY FORTY:  Write about a wild-eyed dream.

DAY FORTY-ONE:  You hear church bells in the distance.

DAY FORTY-TWO:  This is how my heart was broken.

DAY FORTY-THREE:  Write your morning.

DAY FORTY-FOUR:  You’re moving in to a new house; write about the people or person who lived there before you.

DAY FORTY-FIVE:  Write about the night sky.

DAY FORTY-SIX:  Write about a brief encounter

DAY FORTY-SEVEN:  Someone gave you flowers.

DAY FORTY-EIGHT:  Open the box.

DAY FORTY-NINE:  Blue – the color or the emotion

DAY FIFTY:  Write about a quilt or blanket.

DAY FIFTY-ONE:  Close your eyes.  Write about what you see. 

DAY FIFTY-TWO:  Someone’s playing the radio.

DAY FIFTY-THREE:  Write about a tattoo.

DAY FIFTY-FOUR:  These are the pleasures I have known.

DAY FIFTY-FIVE:  Once, in the midst of all the recklessness…

DAY FIFTY-SIX:  “By the sea, beneath the yellow and sagging moon.”  (after Walt Whitman)

DAY FIFTY-SEVEN:  The last time

DAY FIFTY-EIGHT:  Write about fireworks.


DAY SIXTY:  Write about hair.

DAY SIXTY-ONE:  This much is known.

DAY SIXTY-TWO:  You see a shooting star.

DAY SIXTY-THREE:  “At 5 in the afternoon.” (after Federico Garcia Lorca)

DAY SIXTY-FOUR:  What are you waiting for?

DAY SIXTY-FIVE:  Write about someone who left.

DAY SIXTY-SIX:  Write about a time you own.  Big..


DAY SIXTY-EIGHT:  Write about a secret revealed.

DAY SIXTY-NINE:  Give me a moon story

DAY SEVENTY:  “You have stayed too long.”

DAY SEVENTY-ONE:  Write about stealing something. 

DAY SEVENTY-TWO:  Write about a longing.

DAY SEVENTY-THREE:  Write about a justifiable sin. 

DAY SEVENTY-FOUR:  “If I had my way…”

DAY SEVENTY-FIVE:  Write about small injuries.

DAY SEVENTY-SIX:  On the eve of the funeral.

DAY SEVENTY-SEVEN:  Write about promises that were broken.

DAY SEVENTY-EIGHT:  You’re in the backseat of a taxi.

DAY SEVENTY-NINE:  This is a map to where I live.

DAY EIGHTY:  Write about a fortune-teller.

DAY EIGHTY-ONE:  Write about taking the long way around.

DAY EIGHTY-TWO:  “I remember how it was to drive in gravel.  (after Theodore Roethke)

DAY EIGHTY-THREE:  Write about getting caught in the act.

DAY EIGHTY-FOUR:  Write what you didn’t do.

DAY EIGHTY-FIVE:  There were signs and signals.

DAY EIGHTY-SIX:  Write about memories underfoot.

DAY EIGHTY-SEVEN:  “The last time I saw _____,”

DAY EIGHTY-EIGHT:  Write about something astonishing.

DAY EIGHTY-NINE:  “So these were my friends…” (after John Balaban)

DAY NINETY:  Every morning…

DAY NINETY-ONE:  You’re in a grocery store.

DAY NINETY-TWO:  “I would like to make an exchange.”

DAY NINETY-THREE:  Write about your mother’s cooking.

DAY NINETY-FOUR:  It was a rainy day.

DAY NINETY-FIVE:  Write about eating a meal.

DAY NINETY-SIX:  Write what you’ll miss when you die.

DAY NINETY-SEVEN:  Write about a town you passed through.

DAY NINETY-EIGHT:  Write about your father’s hands.

DAY NINETY-NINE:  You’re asleep.  You’re not at home.

DAY ONE HUNDRED:  “I still don’t know…”

DAY ONE HUNDRED ONE:  Write about a body part.

DAY ONE HUNDRED TWO:  Dubious intentions

DAY ONE HUNDRED THREE:  Write about a time you changed your mind.

DAY ONE HUNDRED FOUR:  Write about slumming.

DAY ONE HUNDRED FIVE:  These are the things women don’t know about love.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SIX:  Write about falling from grace.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SEVEN:  Write about what’s under your house.

DAY ONE HUNDRED EIGHT:  Just beyond the edge of the woods.

DAY ONE HUNDRED NINE:  Write about a time you did something you didn’t want to do.

DAY ONE HUNDRED TEN:  Write about meeting someone for the first time.

DAY ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN:  Something seemed different.

DAY ONE HUNDRED TWELVE:  This is not about…

DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN:  One thing can’t be denied.

DAY ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN:  Write about a year ago.

DAY ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN:  You hear music in the background.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN:  Once, with another woman…

DAY ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN:  “I can never say quite as much as I know.”  (after Robert Olen Butler)

DAY ONE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN:  Write about a time you wanted to leave, but couldn’t.

DAY ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN:  Write about secrets revealed.

DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY:  Write about an injury.

DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE:  Write about circling the edge.

DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO:  Write about falling.



DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE:  Wearing that ring…


DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN:  Write about a time someone said no


DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE:  Write about a premonition.

DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTY:  “It’s all you could expect.”

DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE:  Write about a time you gave someone a present.

DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO:  I can’t remember.

DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE:  “Even after my death” (After Maria Luisa Spaziani))

DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR:  Write about abandoned houses. 

DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-FIVE:  Write about a reflection.


DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SEVEN:  You’re in a hotel lobby.

DAY ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT:  Write about a place you know, but not well.


DAY ONE HUNDRED FORTY:  Write about ebb tide.

DAY ONE HUNDRED FORTY-ONE:  It’s too soon to tell.

DAY ONE HUNDRED FORTY-TWO:  Write about predictability.


DAY ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR:  Write about something you see everyday.

DAY ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE:  You’re listening to the radio.

DAY ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SIX:  “And it was at that age…” (after Pablo Neruda)


DAY ONE HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT:  Write about a time someone said y es.


DAY ONE HUNDRED FIFTY:  If I could do it over again.

DAY ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-ONE:  Your hear a siren

DAY ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO:  Write about something to hold on to

DAY ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-THREE:  Write about a silence.


DAY ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-FIVE:  What are you looking for?

DAY ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-SIX:  Write about small regrets

DAY ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-SEVEN:  You are standing on one side of a closed door.

DAY ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHT:  Write about something that came in a box.

DAY ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE:  This is the voice of my body.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SIXTY:  Rising early to begin the journey

DAY ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE:   Write about a compromise.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-TWO:  Write about mistaken identity.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE:  “Afterward, I thought about…”

DAY ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR:  These were the doubts I had.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE:  Write about a dinner party.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-SIX:  When the dust settles.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN:  Write about an island.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-EIGHT:  It’s who you met at a party.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-NINE:  Out of the corner of my eyes.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY:  In the heat of the afternoon.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-ONE:  Someone’s playing the piano.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-TWO:  Write about a pair of shoes.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-THREE:  Write about a letter.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR:  Write about an hour of the day.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE:  This is what you can see by starlight.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-SIX:  It was Sunday, the time it happened.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-SEVEN:  Write about the making of beds.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-EIGHT:  This is where I went wrong.

DAY ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-NINE:  Write about small change.

DAY ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY:  Write about high tide.

DAY ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-ONE:  “Long afterward, I came upon it again…” (after Collette)

DAY ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-TWO:  The possibilities are endless.

DAY ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-THREE:  These were the frequently asked questions.

DAY ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-FOUR:  Write about the inevitable.

DAY ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-FIVE:  Write about a voice.

DAY ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-SIX:  Write about a time y ou cried.

DAY ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-SEVEN:  So it has come to this.

DAY ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-EIGHT:  It was his idea of a good time.

DAY ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-NINE:  Write about a gate.

DAY ONE HUNDRED NINETY:  Write about what you wanted to do.

DAY ONE HUNDRED NINETY-ONE:  Write about a postcard.


DAY ONE HUNDRED NINETY-THREE:  “Throw away the lights, the definitions, and say of what you see in the dark.”  (after Wallace Stevens)

DAY ONE HUNDRED NINETY-FOUR:  Write about a theft.

DAY ONE HUNDRED NINETY-FIVE:  Write about an epiphany.

DAY ONE HUNDRED NINETY-SIX:  It was that kind of day.

DAY ONE HUNDRED NINETY-SEVEN:  Half an hour before sunrise.

DAY ONE HUNDRED NINETY-EIGHT:  In a state of disarray.

DAY ONE HUNDRED NINETY-NINE:  Write about a recurring dream.

DAY TWO HUNDRED:  Write about a time you got what you wanted.

DAY TWO HUNDRED ONE:  Write about passing time.

DAY TWO HUNDRED TWO:  Write about packing a suitcase.

DAY TWO HUNDRED THREE:  The first time I saw _________________

DAY TWO HUNDRED FOUR:  Write about being late.

DAY TWO HUNDRED FIVE:  Write about a conversation.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SIX:  Write about asking for mercy.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SEVEN:  A free-for-all

DAY TWO HUNDRED EIGHT:  You’re in a movie theater.


DAY TWO HUNDRED TEN:  Write about a scent.

DAY TWO HUNDRED ELEVEN:  Write about an eclipse.

DAY TWO HUNDRED TWELVE:  Somebody makes a promise

DAY TWO HUNDRED THIRTEEN:  Write about a tool.

DAY TWO HUNDRED FOURTEEN:  Write about a tim meyou were misundertood.

DAY TWO HUNDRED FIFTEEN:  Write abouta bedroom.


DAY TWO HUNDRED SEVENTEEN:  Write about a summer night

DAY TWO HUNDRED EIGHTEEN:  “I was listening to something I heard before.”

DAY TWO HUNDRED NINETEEN:  Someone is calling  your name

DAY TWO HUNDRED TWENTY:  Write about something that was stolen.

DAY TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE:  On the other side.

DAY TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO:  I’ve never seen this before.

DAY TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE:  This is what the neighbors say.

DAY TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-FOUR:  Write about something that made you cry.

DAY TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE:  And when autumn finally arrived

DAY TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX:  Write about the careless days.

DAY TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN:  Aftershocks of the full moon.

DAY TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT:  “Sleeping where I fall” (after Peter Coyote)

DAY TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE:  Nothing has changed

DAY TWO HUNDRED THIRTY:  At the other end of the s treet.

DAY TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE:  Write about the silent treatment.

DAY TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO:  Write about stealing time.

DAY TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE:  Write about an overheard remark.

DAY TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR:  You picked up a hitchhiker.

DAY TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-FIVE:  Something’s burning.

DAY TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX:  Write about being on the inside.

DAY TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-SEVEN:  Write about the morning after.

DAY TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT:  Write about what has yet to happen.

DAY TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE:  You are in the back yard.

DAY TWO HUNDRED FORTY:  Write about a dangerous ride.

DAY TWO HUNDRED FORTY-ONE:  My mother once told me…

DAY TWO HUNDRED FORTY-TWO:  “…and her red hair lit the wall.”  (after Victor Hugo)

DAY TWO HUNDRED FORTY-THREE:  “It’s my belief we’re all crazy”  (after Trudy, the bag lady)

DAY TWO HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR:  Write a december memory.

DAY TWO HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE:  “It was Sunday morning.” (after Sharon Olds)

DAY TWO HUNDRED FORTY-SIX:  Write about your neighborhood at 5pm.

DAY TWO HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN:  You eavesdrop on a conversation.  What do you hear?

DAY TWO HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT:  The time between dusk and dawn.

DAY TWO HUNDRED FORTY-NINE:  Write about a fragrance.

DAY TWO HUNDRED FIFTY:  Write about a place you long for.

DAY TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-ONE:  __________________ is the color I remember

DAY TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO:  Write about a car trip.

DAY TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-THREE:  Write about a time someone went too far.

DAY TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR:  I don’t remember.


DAY TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-SIX:  There’s a bar in Austin, Texas. called “Jake’s Place”

DAY TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-SEVEN:  Write about someone who sinned.

DAY TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHT:  “For as long as she lives, and probably longer, she will never forget his face.”  (after Alison Moor)

DAY TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE:  Write about something you would do differently.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SIXTY:  Write about a purchase.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE:  It’s raining now.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-TWO:  Write about a time someone lost control.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE:  Accept loss forever (after Jack Kerouac)

DAY TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR:  Write a daydream.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE:  “In the blue night froze haze…”  (after Gary Snyder)

DAY TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-SIX:  Write about a time someone surprised you.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN:  Write about a door key.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-EIGHT:  Write about a simple pleasure.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-NINE:  Night is falling.  You are not at home.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY:  Write about a time the lights went out.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-ONE:  Write about a tim eyou did something out of superstition.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-TWO:  The night won’t save anyone.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-THREE:  Write about a rendezvous

DAY TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR:  On the night train to _______________

DAY TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE:  Write about never and always.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-SIX:  Write about taking a detour.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-SEVEN:  Three things my father told me.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-EIGHT:  Write about a fragment.

DAY TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-NINE:  Write about small mistakes.



DAY TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-TWO:  “________ are my weaknesses” (after Pam Houston)

DAY TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-THREE:  “In in those days…” (after Roger Aplon)

DAY TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-FOUR:  It was as far as I could go

DAY TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-FIVE:  Write a summer memory

DAY TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-SIX:  Write about a pillow.

DAY TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-SEVEN:  Write about being in a closed space.

DAY TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-EIGHT:  Write about primses made.

DAY TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-NINE:  You’re driving in your car

DAY TWO HUNDRED NINETY:  When I opened my mouth to sing

DAY TWO HUNDRED NINETY-ONE:  Write about a hideout.

DAY TWO HUNDRED NINETY-TWO:  Write about jealousy.

DAY TWO HUNDRED NINETY-THREE:  Someone says, “Can I see you in the kitchen?”

DAY TWO HUNDRED NINETY-FOUR:  Write about a bruise.


DAY TWO HUNDRED NINETY-SIX:  These are the lies I told you

DAY TWO HUNDRED NINETY-SEVEN:  There is a place called ______.

DAY TWO HUNDRED NINETY-EIGHT:  Write about small scrapes and bruises.

DAY TWO HUNDRED NINETY-NINE:  Write about “What goes without saying.”

DAY THREE HUNDRED:  Write what the darkness proposes.

DAY THREE HUNDRED ONE:  “It was a summer of blue-black nights” (after Don DeLillo)

DAY THREE HUNDRED TWO:  “I’m at a loss…”

DAY THREE HUNDRED THREE:  “What will happen can’t be stopped”  (after Ann Beattie)

DAY THREE HUNDRED FOUR:  Write about someone who has passed to the other side.

DAY THREE HUNDRED FIVE:  Write about casting a spell.

DAY THREE HUNDRED SIX:  I dreamed ____________

DAY THREE HUNDRED SEVEN:  Write about yearning.

DAY THREE HUNDRED EIGHT:  The sun is rising.

DAY THREE HUNDRED NINE:  Write about divine intervention

DAY THREE HUNDRED TEN:  You’re eating breakfast.

DAY THREE HUNDRED ELEVEN:  Secretly, I know my name is ______________

DAY THREE HUNDRED TWELVE:  Write about electricity in the air.


DAY THREE HUNDRED FOURTEEN:  Write about where rivers join.

DAY THREE HUNDRED FIFTEEN:  Write about a song you love.

DAY THREE HUNDRED SIXTEEN:  This is what can happen when ______________

DAY THREE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN:  Remember an afternoon.

DAY THREE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN:  “The window had other views.” (after Wislawa Szymborska)

DAY THREE HUNDRED NINETEEN:  Wrte about what’s obvious.

DAY THREE HUNDRED TWENTY:  Write about the last night of ____________.

DAY THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE:  Write of something done in a small moment.

DAY THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO:  These were the reasons to stay

DAY THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE:  Write about being lost along the way.

DAY THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-FOUR:  Write about the booth in the corner.

DAY THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE:  Returning takes too long

DAY THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX:  Write about hesitation.

DAY THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN:  Write about being underwater.

DAY THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT:  Write about opening a gift.

DAY THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE:  Write about the fault line.

DAY THREE HUNDRED THIRTY:  This is what was left when he was gone.

DAY THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE:  Write about a sudden storm.

DAY THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO:  One saturday night…

DAY THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE:  Write about avenues of escape.

DAY THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR:  A woman named __________

DAY THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-FIVE:  Write about an invitation refused.

DAY THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX:  …and nobody objected

DAY THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-SEVEN:  I recall that evening together

DAY THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT:  Write about an unforeseen friendship.

DAY THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE:  Write about a series of mishaps.

DAY THREE HUNDRED FORTY:  This is what she said.

DAY THREE HUNDRED FORTY-ONE:  Write about hard times.

DAY THREE HUNDRED FORTY-TWO:  Write about winter constellations.

DAY THREE HUNDRED FORTY-THREE:  Behind lace curtains

DAY THREE HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR:  Write about seeing someone for the first time.

DAY THREE HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE:  Write about a late night phone call.

DAY THREE HUNDRED FORTY-SIX:  I carried it in my pocket

DAY THREE HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN:  This is the difference between men and women.

DAY THREE HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT:  Write about a steet you lived on.

DAY THREE HUNDRED FORTY-NINE:  Write about a red convertible.

DAY THREE HUNDRED FIFTY:  “I walked into the maverick bar in farmington, NM.”  (after Gary Snyder)

DAY THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-ONE:   Write about a redheaded woman.

DAY THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO:  Write about masks.

DAY THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-THREE:  You are in a church.

DAY THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR:  Write what you didn’t say.

DAY THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-FIVE:  Write about a scar.

DAY THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-SIX:  It’s Sunday morning.  The phone rings..

DAY THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-SEVEN:  Write about something you want but cannot have.



DAY THREE HUNDRED SIXTY:  Write about something sacred.

DAY THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE:  Write about a time someone told you a secret.

DAY THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-TWO:  If I tell you the truth…

DAY THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE:  These are the delicacies of a ruined evening.


DAY THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE:  In anticipation of the night.


WRITING 101 (June/August 2014)

Day One:  Unlock the Mind

Day Two:  A Room with a View

Day Three:  Commit to a Writing Practice

Day Four:  The Serial Killer

Day Five:  Be Brief

Day Six:  A Character Study

Day Seven:  Give and Take

Day Eight:  Death to Adverbs

Day Nine:  Point of View

Day Ten:  Happy (Insert Special Occasion Here)!

Day Eleven: Size Matters

Day Twelve:  Clouds on the (Virtual) Horizon

Day Thirteen:  Serially Found

Day Fourteen:  To Whom It May Concern

Day Fifteen:  Your Voice Will Find You

Day Sixteen:  Third Time’s The Charm

Day Seventeen:  Your Personality on the Page

Day Eighteen:  Honing Your Point of View

Day Nineteen:  Don’t Stop the Rockin’

Day Twenty:  WIP



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